Digital Marketing Services

Anchor of Lite is a full suite Digital Marketing Services Organization serving oncology practices, clinics, hospitals, and the surrounding healthcare community. Our focus is to connect oncology practices that implement both traditional and non-traditional care and provide additional critical resources for patients and their caregivers, to “liten” the road ahead.

Our Marketing services range from simple websites to print, billboards, paid ads, and television commercials. We specialize in bringing your patients to your practice, who in turn will be connected to highly impactful resources helping with their cancer journey. Marketing is only the first step, we help both clinicians and patients weather a complex and difficult storm.

Web Design & Development

Custom landing pages and web portals that convert prospective visitors into your practice.

Search Engine Optimization

Local, regional or national search engine optimization and search engine marketing (SEM) with paid ads to drive the right traffic to your landing page(s).

Social Media Services

Let us create a powerful social footprint to properly target those in need of your help on Facebook, Google My Business, YouTube and Instagram.

Video Marketing

Use the power of video (YouTube) to provide social proof to your prospective patients while getting your voice out there on video. Gain some page one spots with your video thumbnail while at it.

Content Creation

We can provide you with professional health care provider resources to write your content or revamp what you already have to make it more succinct yet persuasive.

ADA Compliant Sites

Keep your site accessible to those that are hard of hearing and seeing but are in need of your services. Avoid potential Americans with Disabilities (ADA) lawsuits as well.


The combination of video marketing and television makes this a service you must have if trying to penetrate your local region. Get in front of people when they are home in front of their flat screen TVs.


Make a bold statement. Be seen on the highway, on public transportation, bus stops and other high traffic areas where printed and illustrations are viewed by many.

Print Media

Let us create, revamp or augment your print media (branding, cards, brochures, pamphlets etc.).

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